Pro-Foster Care System

Reading this title I’m sure one can get a little nervous. Pro-anything tends to be a touchy and vulnerable topic for people around the world. And like most people, I believe that I am right. But there’s a twist.

I don’t necessarily believe anyone is right or wrong. 

Pro-choice. The name of this one itself is exactly what it stands for and what I believe in. However, many people of this side use the name as their rebuttal. They almost cage pro-life into this box of forcing a woman to make a decision without allowing her to make the choice. And in most cases of pro-life, disregarding the belief based on religious purposes, this isn’t true. 

I once called myself an avid pro-choice supporter. Until I sat down with one of my closest friends and asked her to tell me exactly what she believes and why. She sparked my complete transformation of my belief regarding this issue. I listened to her, and realized she was right. While I still believed my past belief was just too. But it allowed me to see both sides of the issue and come to my own conclusion.

Most people who are pro-life want what’s best for the baby and mother. But they want to bring awareness to how awful abortion is. No matter what, the mother will birth her child. However, society has created an option for mothers to bring that child into the world dead or alive. Dismantling a baby’s body limb by limb makes me sad. It makes any person with feelings sad. 

However, now that this option is very well known and normalized, it can not and will never be made illegal. Administering an abortion in a clinic is the safest way to get an abortion. If made illegal, women all over the country will begin to attempt to abort their child on their own. According to World Health Organization, nearly 70,000 women die every year due to unsafe abortions. If abortion is made illegal, this number is bound to skyrocket, as women know that it was once and option.

The reason I brought this up is that many pro-life women know about all of this. They know abortion may never be illegal. But they want people to choose against it because of how inhumane it is. 

If the country decided to limit women to 2 children to help the population rate, their would be an uproar. The government cannot decide how many children one can have. It it your birth right to have a child. This is why I completely understand and agree with giving women the choice to do whatever they want with their body. 

So what’s the solution? I truly believe that I can create this compromise between the sides (not including religion based beliefs of course). The answer is foster care. I do believe that Planned Parenthood provides a lot of awareness and benefits other than abortions, so decreasing their funding is not an option. However, increasing funding into the foster care system is the “solution”. For some cases, when women are trying to decide abortion or adoption, they tend to lean towards abortion, because the cons of adoption are too overpowering. Our foster care system is extremely broken and requires a 360 flip. 

According to National Foster Youth System, there are hundreds of statistics against putting youth into the foster care system. This makes it easy for a woman to choose aborting her child, because she doesn’t want to put her child into a life that inevitably leads to crime, mental illness, and death. With more funding into the foster care system, we can encourage women to choose adoption rather than abortion. There will always be abortion, but changing that ratio between the two is very possible. Women have the right to choose, but society should encourage them to choose adoption.

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