My Future?

My decision to pursue biomedical science in college was not dependent on a single experience. Rather, this decision has been a journey. Discovering robotics sparked my initial passion for science and taught me the value of curiosity and determination. By furthering my involvement in STEM, I recognized the joy that comes from helping others. While these experiences established my passion for biomedical science, they also allowed me to develop several key qualities that will enable my success in this field.

My journey truly began at robotics camp in the fifth grade. While I never would have guessed it at the time, this experience was pivotal in changing the direction of my life. This camp not only sparked my passion for robotics but brought me together with the two girls I would later found a nationality renowned FIRST program – Flourish & Bots Project – with. But Flourish & Bots has brought me far more than robotics knowledge; it has instilled in me a passion for encouraging and teaching others about STEM.

In my third year of participation in the FIRST programs, becoming the project lead helped me learn how to overcome adversity and stay determined. Every season we had to research and innovate something that will impact the world. This is what established my passion for science. I wanted to create a beverage carrier that could be digestible and biodegradable. My team and I researched different materials, and sought chemists to educate us about the science behind our solution. I had put my heart and soul into my new responsibility and research to convince my team to believe in my solution, and my team won the global innovation award because of it.

 But this alone didn’t solidify science as my final destination. I attended a weeklong cadaver lab at a local university. While other campers were learning about organs, I caught myself analyzing the cadavers, wondering why they died, and why weren’t there better solutions to save them. I wanted to help the man with the heart defect and the woman with tumors encompassing her kidney.

Helping others is what keeps me motivated. Coaching the girls in the Flourish & Bots Project gives me the opportunity to teach what I love and has made me love research and science even more than before. 

My biggest inspiration is coaching a robotics team of students with special needs. Working with them has required me to research and develop new strategies to help them learn as much as they can. Analyzing their behavior, responses, and strengths has caused me to continue to develop my interest for science in a new way, psychologically. My goal is to teach them what I love and help them show their full potential. 

As I reflected on my experiences and the opportunities that lie before me, I came to the conclusion that I not only possess a passion for biomedical science, but have developed many personal qualities that will lend themselves to success in a career dedicated to research and the service of others.

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