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Welcome to Pancakes Blogs!

I’m Preksha Kedilaya(or as you may know me, Pancakes)-a 17 year old first generation immigrant from India. I live in the calm state of Iowa, just on the Mississippi River. 6 years ago, me and 9 other girls started¬†Flourish & Bots Project.¬† We created a program with the goal of inspiring young women to gain interest in STEM. We have coached many robotics teams throughout all levels of FIRST and have impacted over 100 females across my city. Society doesn’t encourage females to pursue STEM fields, so I have made it my passion to be the supportive mentor helping these young females explore a different interest away from social pressures.¬†

This blog is a way for me to document my life and lessons I have learned leading up to my senior year of high school. However, I hope it will stay with me through adulthood and reach people all over the world.

I write this blog to encourage women of all ages to engage their curiosity and maintain their eagerness to learn, no matter what boundaries society puts them in. You will find me writing about pressing issues on my mind, everyday battles, and helpful advice to be the best you.

At a robotics competition with one of the future members of the Flourish & Bots Project

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